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Your water and sewer lines are absolutely essential for your residential or commercial property, providing potable water for cooking, cleaning, and drinking, and removing harmful waste to the main sewer line. Our talented team at CB Smith Plumbing can install these critical lines on your property, as well as safely repair any pipes that have not been working properly recently. Never delay in reaching out to us for an emergency involving water and sewer lines. This way, you can avoid disastrous water damage to your property, and protect your savings at the same time.

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Dedicated Water & Sewer Installations

Whether you have just moved into your brand-new home, or are looking to add onto your current house, taking care of your water and sewer lines should be a top priority on your list of things to do. Our professionals are ready to offer expert installations for these critical lines, which transport water to and from your home. Without solid installations, there is no way to receive a continual supply of fresh water or to carry away the excess waste. Let our experts set the lines you will rely on every day to function smoothly and dependably.

Sewer & Water Line Repairs

Sooner or later, every plumbing system is going to experience some issues. Because the lines that carry pure water into your house and carry out wastewater are so integral, it is essential to repair any malfunctioning lines as quickly as possible. 

Typical issues you might be experiencing in these lines include:

  • Leaks both in exposed and submerged sections of pipe
  • Clogs and blockages deep within the water and sewer lines
  • Tangled tree roots that have overtaken your pipes

Benefits of Working with Our Expert Team in spartanburg sc

  • Convenient & Flexible Scheduling
  • Competitive Pricing For Superior Work
  • Professional & Experienced Technicians
  • Family Owned Since 1982
  • Well Established Reputation & Great Reviews
  • We Pride Ourselves On Delivering Quality Work

Water & Sewer Line Replacement

Inevitably, even the most powerful sewer and water lines begin to break down, whether due to erosion, repeated leaks, or simple wear-and-tear over many years. You should look out for critical signs that these lines are on the verge of breaking to avoid a disastrous flood situation.

Common signals that our professionals should replace your plumbing lines include:

  • Sewage is backing up within your fixtures, such as your sinks or toilets
  • You can smell foul, rotting odors wafting up from the pipes
  • The drains are running slowly and collecting water
  • There is mold growth due to increased moisture in the air
  • Your yard inexplicably has especially lush patches of grass
  • The foundation is displaying cracks and buckling
  • There are more invasions of pests, drawn to the additional moisture and sewage collecting near your home

When you notice any of these signs, reach out to our team at CB Smith Plumbing for a fast, powerful replacement of your plumbing lines.

Call us today at (864) 571-2390 or contact us online to discover why residents and business managers turn to us for water and sewer line services in Spartanburg.

  • “Kenny obviously has a strong work ethic, his work was neat and tidy and his demeanor a blessing. Completely satisfied from start to finish.”

    Wayne B.

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